5 Reasons Why Drug Addiction Is Common These Days

Some specific individuals are at a high risk of developing addictions. It may be stress, vulnerability, insecurity, fear, or merely sadness that has been forcing them down the dark alley of drug addiction. According to some reports, most of the drug abuse cases that have come to the fore are because of the psychological factors and societal pressure. On the other hand, some individuals consciously do drugs, despite knowing their repercussions.

In order to understand the science behind drug abuse, we have conducted incisive research. Below are the most common reasons explaining the increase in the number of drug addicts.

Why Are Drug Addicts Increasing?

1. Peer Pressure

Most of the causes of drug addiction include millennial in some way or the other. Now the millennial populace is the cohort that has a powerful influence of their pals over their behaviour.

In such a case, they are often misled by their friends. Drugs are looked up to as doing something ‘cool’. Hence, to live up to the image of being ‘cool’, millennials often start doing drugs, without realizing the harm that it is bringing to their physical as well as mental health.

2. Emotional Issues

This is the time when an emotional investment is considered riskier than a financial investment. This is because the individuals of today are impulsive and impatient. They lack strong willpower. As a result, in case they lose their loved ones, their mind and heart can’t deal with reality, and they resort to doing drugs to escape the pain.

In addition to this, heartbreaks are quite common these days. Hence, people emotionally invested in their loved ones find it difficult to move on, and so drugs become their pal.

3. Personality Issues

There is a cohort of individuals with a shy or introverted personality, which is not considered normal in the societal image. A society encourages extroverts and pushes introverts to be like their counterparts. Since introverts tend to find socializing as an energy-draining exercise, they seek comfort in drugs to beat their social anxiety.

In addition to this, individuals that are mentally abused at work or suffer from humiliation are, in turn, highly susceptible to drug addiction. This is because they have low self-worth, and they strive to hide behind the bush to avoid overthinking.

4. Physical Issues

The lifestyle of people has been upside down. There is a lack of a proper work schedule, sleeping patterns, eating habits, etc. This has an evident effect on the body of individuals. As a result, to be able to keep their calm and be efficient at work, people turn towards drugs.

In addition to killing the physical fatigue, individuals suffering from chronic diseases are found to be more vulnerable to doing drugs. Often than not, this situation is because they find it difficult to live up to the life they desire and get scary thoughts about their deaths.

5. The Cloud of Happiness

Drugs are but the cloud of happiness. It creates a camouflage in the mind of individuals that doing drugs would help them cope up with the situation and make their lives happier.

The rate of individuals suffering from depression and social anxiety has been increasing at an alarming rate. Social interaction has been reducing. As a result, loneliness and lack of caring friends and family members often create sadness to individuals, and they drive themselves to the alley of drugs to feel the momentary happiness.


A lot has been said about drug addiction. However, these are the root causes, provoking individuals to indulge in self-destruction. It is indeed challenging to cope up with drug addicts. However, if you or your loved one is suffering from drug abuse, it is a good idea to get a clear idea about what drug is doing in real life.

There are several options available out there, in the form of therapies, rehab centres, and coaches, to resolve the drug addiction. However, the first step to it is realizing that the issue persists. In most cases, drug addicts often try to manipulate others into thinking that there is no reason behind their addiction. This becomes the responsibility of their loved ones to help them think clearly about the impact of drugs on their lives and encourage them to quit it.

If you are someone dealing with drug addiction, you can consider going to a rehab center to live a sober life.


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