How the ‘Expression Drug’ Culture has seeped in our Youth

How the ‘Expression Drug’ Culture has seeped in our Youth

You might not have realized how the daily competition ever since the establishment of the capitalistic culture and society has slowly made its grip on our society. So basically this has given rise to the hyped-up ‘expression drug’ culture. It has targeted mostly the vulnerable section of people like the teenagers grappling with depression due to the constant pursuit of failures in this competitive world, or the adults struggling to keep up with the near-perfect standards of the society when it comes to beauty, lifestyle, earnings, romance, and other life categories.

The ‘drug culture’ has come up through the years propagating the idea that it is the only way out to deal with the hardships and struggles levied upon the unfortunate sections of people by the society, thus making them fall into the dark pit of poverty and mediocrity. The cut-throat culture of our society never tells us how to deal with rejections and failure and therefore people fall into such traps.

Cannabis culture

Cannabis as a natural psychedelic has been in use since ancient times in many cultures like ancient India, Roman Empire, Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations. People have used it for a long time for medicinal and recreational purposes. The drug gives you a sense of high in a very light-headed sense. It is said to give you a very light feeling and enhance the creative pursuits and enable the advanced form of musical and theatrical traditions around the world like jazz, hip hop, Sufi music, and other forms. Nowadays many youngsters in capitalist societies like the United States, Europe, Japan, India you name it have made a counter-movement to enable a power culture about not giving any importance to the rigid and competitive rules of the society. This way cannabis has risen and gained a lot of popularity amongst youngsters because it greatly helps people in escaping the harsh realities of society.

The magic of ‘coke’

The power drug cocaine also popularly called coke has unfortunately gotten into the reach of so many people who are looking for a respite from the harsh realities of the society. The abuse of coke has become an unfortunate truth of society. Coke caused a hyperactive reaction in the body and that causes a lot of problems with the physical health of the individual like a sudden rise in the circulatory beats of the body causing an increased risk of heart attacks and other health risks that can happen.

The best friend called heroin

Popular culture has a lot of reference for shooting the veins of the arms. That is the most common reference to heroin. The sad part is that so many individuals relate to this part because it is presented as a friend in times of distress. The shot of heroin in the bloodstream will cause a lot of euphoric feeling to rush through the body like a spurt of electricity. Just for a tiny bit of time, the person will forget about every hardship, mistake and misery of their life. It is no wonder why so many addicts call it their best friend.

How do we deal with this expression culture?

There’s an unfortunate truth that there is no real and straightforward answer to this because most of this problem is propagated by the society of which we form an integral part. We as a society will have to change the basic structure and foundation on which it is built. If we just normalize the basic human values of kindness, love, hope, and other positive values which are more powerful than these drugs.

We have to teach our generations that there is a life beyond all the failures and it is beautiful and won’t be all sad and gloomy for the rest of our life. Also if we can relax certain harsh rules of society. One always doesn’t have to be the best in what they do. Also being kind and considerate to one another is really important. One should understand that someones’ hollow achievements and goals don’t define an individual. They can be average in their life and it’s completely alright. We should stop making people feel that if they don’t achieve something extraordinary it’s futile to live life. Stop putting unnecessary pressure on people and see how happy they remain that they don’t have to take the respite of drugs.


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