Some common myths and facts about drug abuse

Some common myths and facts about drug abuse

To deal with such serious issues like drug addiction, it is important that information that is available to us is real and correct. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. So many presumptions are there in people’s minds that creating more and more confusions amongst people is thus the real purpose of rehabilitation of the affected souls. And these myths are so strong that it is nearly impossible for someone who really needs help to go ahead and ask for real help.

In this particular post, we will discuss some of the common myths commonly propagated about the habit of drug addiction and how they can be avoided to ensure proper rehabilitation of people suffering from the clutches of drug addiction.

Some common myths related to the problems of drug addiction are:

●     Only willpower can help them get through addiction and nothing else

This myth is wrong and insensitive on so many unimaginable levels. Firstly, a person suffering from the shackles of addiction won’t find it simple to control their willpower to get to leave their addiction habits on their own. Secondly, this is very insensitive to disregard someone’s struggle.

●     Using opioid drugs are safe because they are prescribed by doctors

Just because something is prescribed by doctors doesn’t mean there is any reason to abuse it by any means. The abuse of opioid drugs may cause the person to get addicted to it and it may cause huge addiction problems for the person.

●     Addiction is a terminal illness like cancer, and nothing can be done about it

Another very wrong and utterly absurd misconception about addiction. Addiction is readily treatable with proper treatment and a lot of support and discretion. Spreading a misconception like addiction can’t be cured is a very dangerous and absurd idea, and should be discouraged.

●     You don’t have to seek treatment for addiction if you haven’t hit the rock bottom

Another mindless and absurd misconception is that if you are not completely destroyed by the habit of addiction, there is no reason to go out of the way to go seek complete treatment for it. This is totally wrong and should not be followed at all. People should go seek help whenever they feel like

●     Only homeless anti-social people do fall into the trap of drug addiction

We generally tend to see only the homeless and people over-ridden with poverty doing drugs under the shady corners of the big cities around the world. The truth is far from that. Anyone can suffer from drug addiction– a qualified engineer, a doctor, a reputed university professor, a famous actor. More people should come and own up the stories of their addiction and share it with the world, in that way they can help a lot of people by becoming a role model for those who want to get rid of this curse.

●     Someone can’t be forced to take treatment, they have to do it on their own

Almost nobody goes out voluntarily seeking treatment, although they can cry to seek help from themselves that doesn’t mean they will go by themselves to seek help. They have to be motivated by someone else for them to go seek the treatment that they need. So saying that someone can’t be forced to seek treatment is a silly excuse and such thoughts should not be encouraged.

●     Tried the treatment before but it didn’t work, so there’s no point trying again and again

Just like every medical treatment in the world, this treatment also doesn’t guarantee a foolproof treatment with a 100% success rate. Just like all treatments fail, this is also bound to fail one time or the other. However, it doesn’t mean that it won’t work after a while if you keep on trying again and again. These treatments are tough and require dedication from both sides to show effective results.

So these are all the myths and facts regarding drug addiction that people normally choose to believe in and as a result, it hampers their journey of rehabilitation. Keeping in mind such points and factors, in the future if you come across any person dealing with the shackles of addiction, you will know how to provide real help rather than be an unwanted liability.


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