Some common stigma that stops drug addicts from seeking help

Some common stigma that stops drug addicts from seeking help

So we’re no strangers to the fact how drug addicts are stigmatised by the common shackles of society. The community is just unkind and sometimes simply harsh that any self-respecting person won’t eleven find it more difficult to even consider receding further into the cocoon and make them in a way disabled to go ahead and ask for help and force them to get inside the rathole. The deeper they get, the more difficult it gets for them to recover and come back to a stable and healthy life. As a result, most of the drug addiction victims hit the streets and in turn become homeless and live amongst the ghettos of the drug city.

So, as discussed, it is our responsibility to act with discretion and treat this matter as sensitive as it is. Contrary to the major belief, nobody chooses to be so miserable and live a life like rats being hated by their loved ones and friends.

Some common controversial thoughts about drug addicts will be listed below, some of which we as people of the society should change so that they can get more confidence to seek help

●     “Drug addicts are criminals and they deserve to be in prison”

Honestly, nothing can be more insensitive than this statement. When all these people need genuine caring helping hands, most of the people of this society are busy antagonising these unfortunate sections of people, who can be rehabilitated to normal life and be made beneficial for the society. So you need to change this thought about them to help them in true sense.

●     “Drug addicts have a loose idea of morals and righteousness”

Again a very insensitive idea about these people who need nothing but helping hands. But instead, here we are stamping them with the immoral stickers on them and wouldn’t let them recover from the dark phase of their lives. These labels and premonitions will further cause them to fall into the dark pit and they will never be able to recover.

●     “He just came out of rehab, don’t let him near my children and wife”

The last thing a person who has come out from such a dark place is such negative attacks on their characters and moral standings. They have come out of a dark place, and are at their most vulnerable and sensitive self and the last thing they need is such an uncalled attack on their character. So next time you come across someone who has struggled with addiction. Be mindful about being kind and considerate towards them. Don’t say anything if you can’t stay considerate.

●     “They did it with their own will, they deserve no sympathy”

Well, that just means one thing. Nobody deserves to listen to your prejudice and stigma induced opinions which you think are important. If you can’t contribute any positivity, at least you can keep away such negative thoughts from such people who are in need of help, care and love. They deserve more sympathy than you can ever think of.

●     “Well you have not been so bad yet to seek professional help, you can still function properly”

One of the most moronic statements ever said to someone struggling to get over the shackles of addiction. This is the last thing someone needs to hear. One doesn’t have to presumably hit the rock bottom to go seek the help finally when it is one of the most idiotic things to suggest to someone.

●     “ We can’t fund their treatment with our tax money, it’s a waste of resources”

Again, if you can’t help in a real way then kindly refrain from putting forward such moronic statements. Nobody is going to benefit from such a negative thought process. Keeping in mind such negativities will only propagate a sense of hostility and distrust in the mind of the victims and this will not help them recover easily.

In the end, we must realize that all we need to do is keep moving forward and extend our supporting hands to these individuals who need nothing but help and support from our individuals. And we should also make those people realize who continue to stigmatize victims of drug addictions due to their internal premonitions about how irrational they are. This will be a great help to those who are looking to seek help from their addiction problems.


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