Which sections of people are more prone to drug addiction

Which sections of people are more prone to drug addiction

It has been highly observed regarding every form of addiction that some types of demographic groups are more prone to a lot of addiction issues. And after a detailed study, it has been found that they are related to many factors like poverty, inequality, income status, misogyny, racism, homophobia, rape, child abuse, depression, PTSD, and all the other negative experiences that a human being can go through. It showcases the sad reality of our society. The reality that this society metes out on its own people and can’t help them into rehabilitation. Unfortunately, some sections of the society take the harshest hit and they fall into the trap of drug addiction as a form of escapism.

Let us see some of the people who fall into the trap of this dark curse.

●     Homeless children

Life on the streets is especially not easy and children take the hardest hits. They have no access to education and most of them do menial jobs to earn some little money that they could. Unfortunately, most of them look for the way to escape their harsh reality, and that makes them fall easily into the shackles of addiction

●     Homeless adults

Just like the homeless children, life on the streets is not all kind for the adults too. The adults,  though they are more protected than the children have a very hard and difficult life. With the little money and living in the unprotected environment causes them to take respite in the escapism of addiction.

●     Rape and violence survivors

Rape and Violence are absolutely terrible things to experience. No matter what you do, how much you try, it is like a terrible mental pain that lingers on even after years after the unfortunate incident took place. Suffering from such a tremendous trauma is not easy and most people who have gone through the experience take the bite of dust and fall int the pit of drug addiction because they feel it can help them overcome the pain.

●     LGBTQ+ people facing discrimination

Things are very hard in this world for people who belong to the LGBTQ community for they suffer from tremendous discrimination and violence from society just because of who they are. This causes them to have tremendous mental pressure and suffer from a lot of self-esteem and self-worth issues. And the easy way out that they find out is the escapism in the form of drug addiction and that’s the best they can choose that time if at all they can choose.

●     Refugees escaping places of wars and tremendous political riots

Those people who have suffered from the violence in their home cities and countries have a great range of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder syndromes and that causes a lot burden on the mental health of the individual and it is quite obvious, most of them fall into the traps of such unfortunate dealings and get into the drug addiction problems.

●     Ex-convicts out of prison

Spending so many years in prison can cause a lot of stress on an individual’s psyche, a prison is a ruthless place and is a dark and ugly setting and when they come out of it, it is very difficult for them to rehabilitate into the normal world so they easily fall into the dark pit of drug addiction. Keeping such things in mind, ex-convicts must be allowed to rehabilitate properly, otherwise, there won’t be any force to stop these people from going back to prison.

●     People in reputable jobs but dealing with a crushing mental health issue

The most difficult is to identify the people who fall into this category. Mental health crises are so widespread and tricky that most of us won’t even realize what we are getting ourselves into. These people are respectable doctors, lawyers, teachers, businessmen, actors, and belong to the cream of society. Yet they suffer from this problem because they are most definitely suffering from some crippling mental health crises. We must encourage such people to come forward and seek help.

So as we can see there is a wide variety of people who can be the victims of drug addiction. We must create a helpful environment for them where they can feel safe and strive to better their condition.


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