Why has there been a spurt of drug abuse during the pandemic?

Why has there been a spurt of drug abuse during the pandemic?

This pandemic has been hard on all of us, for so many reasons. We don’t even have to mention why it is so hard. So many people had their lives turned upside down, without any respite and that caused a lot of changes in people’s lives. Some big, some moderate. Some people have survived the change really well and some have faced a difficult time, and there are some people who have had the absolute worst experience of their lives. They had the worst nightmare.

Those people are drug addicts and no matter if they had no food to last enough, the addicts somehow manage to get a lot of drugs for them. The instincts work like that. And in the pandemic when most people are indoors, they get all up with a lot of drugs that they started taking in. so much so that the New Delhi drug helpline registered around 10000 cases of overdose in the lockdown period. But why did it happen? Let us look at the reasons.

●     Loss of jobs, so nothing to do regarding it

Since so many of these people lost their jobs overnight, there was a build-up of anxiety and a lot of tension. To overcome such tension of financial instability many people who were dealing with addiction issues fell into the worst pit of drug addiction and that caused a lot of problems. People do not know how to save themselves from this dark pit, which is quite understandable because even most of the sober ones couldn’t take all the changes all too well.

●     Locked up inside, with no friends to meet, no family to come and look over

           A perfect recipe for disaster, them being alone and locked up inside the homes with all the stash available to them when they can’t visit their friends and family. All of these cause mental pressure to surmount and they can’t help but take in a lot of intoxicating substances at the extent of the abuse. Surely it has caused them to take in a lot of drugs at unhealthy amounts.

●     Being away from everyone, makes you feel nobody is actually by your side

Loneliness is a dangerous venom and nobody can effectively get cured of it. Since so many of us are suffering from this disease, many people are taking respite in substance abuse, more and more specific drugs like heroin, brown sugar, marijuana. And other kinds of stuff. Also since nobody is there to talk to them or stop them from doing so, this causes them a lot of trouble, since they keep on ingesting drugs at an unhealthy amount.

●     It is easy now since nobody is there to knock and bother

Pandemic time has been easy for the drug abusers to take in a lot of drugs with the privacy provided to them without them asking for it. As a result, they have been able to take in as much of drugs as possible, right from heroin, LSD, pills, cannabis etc. so much so that many of them have relapsed and nobody came to check on them for a long time, some even extended for 3 days.

●     The cops are busy, the dealers are doing their business perfectly

Drug dealers got their business overturned as the situation changed, they took over some approaches that would help them to effectively deliver drugs to their loyal clientele. As the customers didn’t go anywhere from these people, their business remained unaffected. Whereas the law enforcers were busy elsewhere, and most of them had a very tough duty to look after.

●     It is easy for people to take respite in chemicals rather than taking the pain to dial a number to share their feelings

The unfortunate truth of today’s era is that people have no real connection with anyone. Everyone is facing a tough time and everyone has gone inside their respective cocoons. And what’s more significant than their cocoons.

Considering the above factors it is very easy to see that life as an addict is really very difficult to put under control. Don’t know why people take the respite of suffering, but it’s true it’s a part of many people’s unfortunate lives. So it is our responsibility to help these people feel safe and content and tell them that we are there for them. 



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