About Our Centre

We work with an experienced multidisciplinary team of addiction, healthcare, and behavioral health professionals. Together with the patients, our team develops individual treatment plans along with a continuum of care. We create a solid foundation for your long term recovery goals.

Come and experience our expertise, compassion, and care in a comforting environment at our luxury drug de-addiction centre.

    • check-mark-1Discreet and exclusive drug addiction treatment
    • check-mark-1Identifying and managing the root cause of drug addiction
    • check-mark-1Focus on mental health and well being
    • check-mark-1Induce rejuvenation and revitalization

Mission / Vision Statement

Our mission is to provide personalized, supportive, and compassionate care for drug addicts. We believe in treating each patient’s underlying core problems to help them heal physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Our vision is to provide long term sobriety and recovery to every patient that reaches out to us. We will consistently endeavor to provide optimal and premium drug de-addiction services with support from our team of professional experts.

Our Advantages

  • check-mark-1Specialists Counselor On Our Team
  • check-mark-1Individualized Treatment Plan for each patient
  • check-mark-1Case Management Approach
  • check-mark-1World-class professionals and support staff
  • check-mark-1Focus on relapse prevention
  • check-mark-1Compassionate and supportive care
  • check-mark-1Regular counseling sessions
  • check-mark-1Yoga and meditation sessions
  • check-mark-1Diet plans to support your recovery
  • check-mark-1Privacy and confidentiality ensured
  • check-mark-1Serene, comforting and luxurious rehab facility
  • check-mark-1360-degree post-treatment action plan
  • check-mark-1Treating the complexity of underlying issues
  • check-mark-1Body cleansing & detoxification
Yes, You Can!

Recovery From Drug Addiction

Our Office

Our luxury rehab center is centrally located in India with a five-star resort-like facility. We cater to patients all across India that has drug addiction problems. We give counselling and support to all our patients that they need at every stage of the drug addiction recovery journey


  • check-mark-1TV’s in each treatment room
  • check-mark-1Excellent, Tasty Meal
  • check-mark-1Wireless Internet
  • check-mark-1Recreational activities