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Drug addiction refers to a health condition that is characterized by the habit of taking or administering drugs- whether illegal like cocaine, heroin, etc., or legal prescription drugs. The consumption is to the extent that the individual becomes psychologically or physically dependent on these substances. Drug addiction can emerge as a serious problem that can have long term consequences. We understand that if left untreated, it leads to a lot of destructive issues for you and your family. It detrimentally impacts your ability to function daily, your relationships, your workplace, health, and quality of life.

However, you need not suffer on your own. We at Holistic Drug Rehab Centre are here to treat your drug addiction. The most crucial step is to seek a drug de-addiction centre that offers holistic and personalized treatment and support. Our qualified and experienced team of doctors, psychologists, dieticians, counselors, yoga and meditation experts, and other specialists provide a comprehensive drug recovery treatment as per the individual requirements.

Why is a Drug De-addiction Program Critical?

Drug addiction is more than physical dependence. Such is the severity of the condition that even after detox, the individual is at high risk for relapse. There can be psychological and social factors like stress, friends, social networks, etc. working as powerful triggers that can lead to relapse. Drug addiction is a complex but treatable disease. It affects both brain function and social behaviour. There can be no single treatment that is right for everyone. However, adequate and customised treatment is vital to regaining health, confidence, and happiness. Feel free to reach our drug rehab centre at any time by calling our toll free number

The Process Of Treatment At Our Drug Rehab Centre

The use of drugs to the level of addiction is highly complex. These adversely affect the way our body and mind function. A successful treatment for drug addiction can only happen when the critical underlying issues are addressed, and healthier alternatives are put in place. These healthier alternatives, in turn, resolve the original problems and eventually lead to de-addiction.

  1. We help you with understanding the key drivers that lead to the misuse of drugs. Together with our expert counselors and psychologists, we work to resolve the underlying issues. With this, you start appreciating the broader picture of the addictive processes. You learn how it plays a role in your life and affects you. Eventually, we provide you with all the necessary tools that lead to you towards a happy and fulfilling life without drugs.
  2. The treatment plan we devise for you is dynamic and responds to how you feel physically and mentally every day. We rely on a range of therapies and treatments from all perspectives, including bodywork, body alignment, nutrition, etc.
  3. In case of composite fillings, the shade is chosen to closely mimic the appearance of the surrounding dentition.
  4. You are assigned a team of therapists and a personal support staff. This team includes carers, nurses, doctors, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, and other support staff necessary for inclusion in your unique drug recovery treatment plan.
Luxury Drug Rehab Centre In India

We adopt a holistic and sensitively staged approach, as abrupt drug withdrawal can be life dangerous or threatening. Our approach brings your mind, body, and your deepest self into complete harmony and alignment. More importantly, our drug recovery program activities and therapies are introduced at the right place, time, and in the right mix. Alongside this, a healthy diet plays a vital role in your increased well being. You will have a personalised best diet plan to take care of this. We bring you back to life by putting together the best professionals, therapies, and treatment plans conducted in a comforting and luxurious rehabilitation drug centre in India.

  • How do I know that someone is addicted to drugs?

    The fact is that an individual may be living with drugs addiction and struggling to cope up with it. You need to notice for changes in personality, behavior like indulging in lying, stealing, or other dishonest choices, or spending significant time under the influence. Be vigilant, and if you notice these signs or similar indications in behavior, then it is a red flag, and you need to seek professional advice.

  • What may be health issues due to drug addiction?

    There can be severe health issues due to drug addiction in an individual. However, a lot will depend on the intensity of drug abuse. Common ailments are the development of chronic physical disorders and, in some cases, mental health disorders. No matter at what stage an individual is, stop using drugs as soon as possible to have a healthy life. Ask us for drug recovery program today!

  • What is the most addictive form of drugs?

    It can be a tough question to answer, as each individual is different. However, bhaang, cocaine, charas, etc are considered to be the most addictive forms of drugs. Others on the list are heroin and painkillers. Irrespective of the type of drug, the harm to the body and mind is immense, and immediate professional help is beneficial.

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